How to Make a Beautiful Skirt Easily

The first thing to do when making a skirt is to get your materials ready.  You’ll need a yard of stretch fabric in the colour of your choice, a fitted skirt which fits you well, scissors, pins and a sewing machine.

Lay teh fabric out and fold it four times – into half, then into half again.  Make sure any patterns are facing inwards and lie the fabric on the ground once you are done.

Cut an edge off to become the waistband for your skirt.  Cut a few inches away from the narrow edge of the open part of the fabric – do not cut the folded edge!

Use your fitted skirt as a guide for the waist.  Fold the skirt four times length-wise and place the wasitband of the folded sirt over the edge of the folded corner of your stretchy material.  Use the width of the skirt as a guide for how wide to make your waistband of your skirt.  You can cut a half circle for the waistband which is around the same size as the skirt wasitband – you can always make it a little smaller since it is stretchy material!

Cut the bottom of the skirt into a nice circular shape.  You’ll be hemming the edge so don’t worry if it is a little rough.