How to accurately measure up for your new curtains

Precisely calculating for curtains is crucial if you would like to get the best match, whether you are searching for EasyFit ready made commissioning designed to measure or curtains. Layer thickness dimensions is determined by along post or your track, but measuring layer duration or ‘fall’ is likely to be based on wherever you had like your curtains to finish. Make use of a steel tape measure for greater precision on the best way to calculate for curtains to obtain these measurements right and follow our manual!

We suggest installing one before you determine should younot have your monitor or post in position. Match your monitor or post roughly 15cm (6″) above your window break and center ensuring you’ve 15-20cm (68″) both part of the screen.

To obtain a gentle accumulated grow it, use your post or monitor dimensions like a starting place and search whenever your curtains are shut. Incorporating an additional 2.5cm (1″) towards the thickness dimension allows your curtains to overlap in the centre when closed.

Measure in the the surface of the monitor for your selected end-point. Measure in the the surface of the post for your selected end-point. Surfaces and windowsills aren’t usually degree, therefore measure at two or three factors and make use of the smallest dimension to guarantee the best match.