Art Gallery Fabrics – Who Are Art Gallery?

Art Gallery are one of the main fabric manufacturers in the UK.  They are known for great quality, modern designs and a variety of substrates. Art Gallery formed in 2004 to bring about chic and modern ideas to the quilting industry.  Lots of people choose Art Gallery fabrics because they are contemporary and elegant, with designs to fit our modern lifestyles.

The range of fabrics produced by Art Gallery are always unique and original.  They work with a wide range of extrememly talented fabric designers who create unusual and interesting colour pallettes, artistic and lively prints as well as setting inspiring new trends within the fabric world.

Art gallery fabrics UK are rated highly for their quality of the fabrics, shown through the high thread counts and weaves, making their premium cottons as soft and smooth as possible.  Using Art Gallery fabrics allows the sewer to create exciting and unique pieces with bold statement colours, high quality finishes and stylish designs.