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Sourcing Your Fabrics

Whether you are new to creative craft projects or a seasoned pro, it's tricky to know exactly where to get your materials from. You have several options; firstly you can go into the nearest craft shop and see if they have what you need, but you may be left disappointed since there is no way of knowing until you get there whether they have your choice in stock. You could try an alternative though:buy fabrics online! This is a great option as it gives you the chance to see in advance what fabrics are available, sometimes you get a description of the item, such as any unique qualities which might make it more difficult to sew with - and you can often see what is in stock! The only downside of buying fabrics online is that you cannot get the chance to feel the material before you buy it. This is sometimes overcome if companies allow you to order samples of each material.
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Creative Products & Design

Developing your inventive ideas can be difficult if you do not have the tools and resources to make your ideas a reality! What you need as a designer is to contact a design company who have the correct tools and know how to get your product made up in reality. Rennd offer a great service for people who need to use high end and specific tools in order to design and build their concepts and ideas. Machines which can etch onto any material, or perhaps a 3D printer is what you need in order to get the best results for your products and designs, in which case Rennd can certainly help you out. They have skilled designers and machinists who can use their knowledge and skills to get you to your dream design! Product design has come a long way over the years, with many product designers able to create almost any item you could possibly imagine using their manufacturing tools and knowledge.

How to Make a Beautiful Skirt Easily

The first thing to do when making a skirt is to get your materials ready.  You’ll need a yard of stretch fabric in the colour of your choice, a fitted skirt which fits you well, scissors, pins and a sewing machine. Lay teh fabric out and fold it four times – into half, then into

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Dressmaking for Newbies – Choosing your fabric made easy

Purchasing material could not be nonaddictive however it doesn’t often harm your wellbeing. If you should be a new comer to dressmaking and sewing, you might find material stores somewhat staggering. Here’s ways to get started… Quick start guide to material Materials are both woven or knitted, and certainly will be produced from animal fibers

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Types of curtains you should consider

Different curtains can add a whole new look to your home, from simple changes to dramatic colours and patterns!  There are different styles of curtains to make different statements. Sheer curtains are a great option for those who are looking for a texture change in the room, and do not require much light blocking.  Sheer

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Buying Fabrics for A Project

When you are starting a new project, be it furnishings, curtains or dressmaking, you will need to buy the appropriate fabrics to make your item with.  Usually, the pattern you are using will suggest a good fabric for you to use, which offers a valuable starting point in your quest to find the perfect fabric. 

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Cleaning Your Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are one of the parts of the house which we often do not think about cleaning.  They do end up getting pretty dirty though, so it is important to clean them every now and then!  Blinds are relatively easy to keep clean – wooden and metal styles can be cleaned with a

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Challenges to Overcome Whilst Knitting

Knitting is a fun hobby which can enable you to create lots of clothes, accessories, homewares or toys, but it does come with some skill required.  There are lots of challenges we face when knitting up a new project, from getting the tension of the yarn right through to ensuring there are no holes, gaps

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Special Teddies to Knit

Children love to have a cuddly toy to play with and keep as a special friend as they grow up – one rather unique way to have a nice teddy is to knit one!  There are many patterns available to help you knit a cuddly toy, and many require just basic knitting skills such as

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What are the different styles of blinds to have at your windows?

You will find a lot of kinds of impaired – what’s the distinction? Here’s our useful guide to knowing the distinctions between your numerous kinds of impaired. We’ll enable you to select your absolute best choice for almost any kind of screen. Blinds provide a great selection of colors and designs and frequently come scotch!

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Everything You Need to Know About Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world.  It is hugely versatile, either used alone or in a blend.  It massively outsells all other fibres combined!  It is the leading crop in America, and consumers know that fabrics made from cotton are comfortable, durable and look great. Cotton is a natural fibre

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Art Gallery Fabrics – Who Are Art Gallery?

Art Gallery are one of the main fabric manufacturers in the UK.  They are known for great quality, modern designs and a variety of substrates. Art Gallery formed in 2004 to bring about chic and modern ideas to the quilting industry.  Lots of people choose Art Gallery fabrics because they are contemporary and elegant, with

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